Farewell to a Teacher -  Great teachers teach you more about yourself than the topic they are teaching. This was certainly the case with the best teacher I've ever had. His name was Pat Patterson and, in teaching me how to build airplanes, he taught me how I learn and what I love to do. He died last week and I'd like to share his story. 

 Six Things to Consider Before Starting Your Makerspace -  It is certainly tempting to start thinking about all that amazing tools you can put into your maker space. But buying a bunch of tools without first stopping to think about how they will be integrated into the culture and curriculum of your school is a recipe for a dusty and underused workshop.

Three Key Qualities for a School Makerspace - Over the past year, I had the privilege of leading a team to create makerspaces in 15 high schools around the Bay Area. Our goal was to learn how to help educators create spaces in schools and use making in the classroom. Here's what we learned.

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Students Design, Teach, Create and Discover through Maker-Based Learning - This article describes our Maker Fellow Program, a maker focused professional development expedition for educators to shifts towards a maker mindset, understand the relevance of these type of skills, understand some of the technologies currently driving the movement and plan for how to implement in their classrooms.

Oakland Teachers Join the Maker Movement -  A bicycle powered blender. A hooked rug wolf portrait that lights up. A squirrel that registers the noise level in the classroom. These are the few of the creations invented by the Oakland Unified School District teachers who participated in the Maker Fellows Program.  What's in your imagination?