We create experiences and spaces that encourage creativity, wonder and learning.   We like to think of these as expeditions, because while we lay the course and facilitate the process,  what the destination looks like is up to you.

All of our offerings are customized for what you need.  We do have a few common themes:

Makerspace Design and Planning

Creating a makerspace that is deeply integrated into your culture, curriculum and community is far more difficult than purchasing a 3-D printer.  This expedition helps define the skills, knowledge and habits for kids to learn in the space, the culture of the space, curriculum integration points, projects and finally the tools, materials and space design.  

Shifting the Educator Mindset

It is hard for educators to model that the world is a malleable place if they don’t believe it themselves.  This expedition for educators helps them develop a maker mindset through hands-on projects, understand the relevancy of these skills, experience some of the technologies shaping the maker movement today and develop a year-long arc of projects that support curriculum already being used.

Scope and Sequence

Frequently maker-centered learning is relegated to extracurricular or after school because of the difficulty in creating projects and assessments that support existing curriculum.  This expedition creates a multi grade level scope and sequence of projects  that supports existing standards, and connects and integrates with other STEM and PBL initiatives at your site. Gradually increasing in competencies and complexity,  a well-developed scope and sequence introduces basic woodworking and metalworking tools as well as advanced manufacturing concepts such as computer-aided design and electronics.

Developing a Problem Solving Process

Problem-solving processes such as design thinking help students learn to approach complex, open-ended, evolving problems.  These problems also have another name: real-world problems. This expedition develops a problem-solving process  that fits your culture, curriculum and community. We help you create a playbook that includes appropriate deliverables, assessments and project invitations.

If you would like to create a custom expedition, please get in touch.